Literacy Promotion Awards 2013

As part of International Literacy Day, the Tri-County Literacy Network recognizes individuals’ contributions to literacy in the tri-county area of Chatham-Kent, Sarnia-Lambton and Windsor-Essex. On an annual basis one individual from each county or municipality is recognized for his/her promotion of literacy.

Sarnia-Lambton Recipient:

Recipient of the Literacy Promotion Award 2013 for Sarnia-Lambton

This year, in Sarnia-Lambton, we would like to recognize the contributions of Terry Plain

Terry has been involved with Aamjiwnaang’s Literacy program from its conception. It is going on 25 years now, and he is just as dedicated to the program and its learners as he was when he began.

–        He doesn’t think twice about using his personal time to bring learners to and from class.

–        He has a very positive attitude; no one, learners or staff, ever leave the class without Terry telling them that he’s glad they’re there.

–        He goes the extra mile by providing healthy food/snacks for learners.

–        He will volunteer to drive learners to other locations, to make sure they are/were able to attend class that day, at least for a little while.

–        He is the face of literacy in this community.

Terry’s contributions have definitely made a positive impact on the lives of the learners, staff, and community-at-large, which is clearly evident by the following:

–        He encourages people and gives them hope when they don’t feel great about themselves.

–        He makes sure that every member of the literacy team feels important and they are doing a great job.

–        He is so well known, respected, and loved throughout the community because of his dedication to the community, their learning and the literacy program.

–        He would do whatever it took if it meant a person would be able to include LBS in his/her life.

For those who know Terry, it is easy to see how his contributions to literacy have made a positive impact on his own life. He never complains, although he is run crazy at times; he is always smiling; and every day is a good day because he has people to reach out to and work to do for the program.

Windsor-Essex Recipient:

Recipient of the Literacy Promotion Award 2013 for Windsor-Essex

This year, in Windsor-Essex, we would like to recognize the contributions of Kathy Brosnan.

Kathy Brosnan is a believer in Literacy and Basic Skills programming and in education as a pathway to success. She has been an Ontario Works caseworker with Employment & Social Services for five years. Through the years Kathy has helped many individuals find their way to LBS programs in the community. Kathy does more than make referrals though; she also takes on a partnership role in her client’s education. She stays in constant contact with us as LBS providers throughout her client’s progression. She uses our learner attendance reports to motivate her clients towards success and as a reminder of the importance of attending regularly. When we have a learner referral who works with Kathy, we know that we have a reliable partner who will encourage the learner and who will help keep them on track.  Kathy believes in Literacy and Basic Skills Programs both as a method for increasing her client’s success and for improving their self-esteem.

Kathy has referred several clients to our program over the years who have reached their goals. With the help of Kathy’s motivation these clients have overcome their barriers and reached their goal path destinations.

One of Kathy’s clients is proof of how this collaboration can work so well, he came to us after having been out of the workforce for several years. He was an older gentleman who reported feeling like he was too old to find employment. Kathy referred him to us for full-time LBS participation and then supported him as his program changed to part-time LBS with part-time volunteering and then celebrated with us as he moved onto full-time employment. The client gained so much confidence from regularly attending class, making new friends, and successfully completing his goals that his entire attitude towards working changed. He took this confidence with him into his volunteering position and became a key asset. When a job became available for him the association was happy to extend him their recommendation. The client has been employed for several years now. Kathy understood that this client needed the community and training that an LBS program provided. She supported the client as he moved from learner to volunteer to employee.